Ozark Season 3 is Streaming on Netflix

Original crime drama series Ozark Season 3 by Netflix has come out with a new episode of storyline and thriller. After a six-month time period, Producer Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams have started the new season, where the finale ends.

Netflix premiered Season 3 of Ozark’s hit crime drama on March 27, and had plenty of social media viewers thinking about it. The show stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as Marty and Wendy Byrde’s husband and wife, who have to move their family from Chicago to Osage Beach, Missouri, after falling deep into a Mexican drug cartel. That, though, only causes the couple to get entangled in their new community with local criminals.

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Ozark Season 3: Episode

Episode1: War time

Episode2: Civil Union

Episode3: Kevin Cronin was here

Episode4: Boss fight

Episode5: It came from Michoacan

Episode6: Su Casa Es Mi Casa

Episode7: In case of emergency

Episode8: BFF

Episode9: Fire Pink

Episode10: All in

Where to watch this new season Free?

On 27 March 2020, Ozark Season 3 debuted on Netflix’s best streaming site. So, enjoy the new season there but if you don’t have your subscription then watch it with a free trial package for 30 days.

Ozark Season 3: Storyline

The new season’s plot begins after six months, when the second season ends. This tells Marty Byrde who’s using the casino as a way to launder millions of dollars in the latest family-owned criminal enterprise-a casino cruise for the Mexican drug cartel.

The only problems for Marty in this new season are the casino and the cartel. Cade Langmore’s murder is also taking place at the hands of a mysterious gunman.

On the other hand, the family drama is still showing Wendy struggling for control of the family destiny with Marty and finally, her brother arrived in town. Ruth Langmore is able to announce herself as a Casino Boat Owner.


Mexican drug cartels‘ interesting stories and their money-laundering are gaining enormous success in their first two seasons. The series story begins with Marty who’s a financial consultant. One day, due to his inability to launder money for Mexico cartels, he moved his family from Chicago to some other location. He runs a money-laundering scheme in Ozark, a location located in the US, to compensate for the loss.